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KlompeLOMPE is a small business run by Hanne Andreassen Hjelmås and Torunn Steinsland.

It started with a shared interest in children’s clothing and knitting. When they found there weren’t many practical and nice beanies for boys, they started designing and making their own. In May 2012 the first KlompeLOMPE garment was sold.

Their knitted cap “Kjekkasluen” quickly became their most popular product. After a while costumers started asking for patterns. As the business grew, it turned out to be easier to simply sell the patterns and have the costumers do the knitting.

Colours and looks have always been KlompeLOMPE’s main focus. They work hard to offer a clomplete product, from pattern, to color suggestions and choice of yarn. Quality and shape is of course also very important, and the fact that the clothes are meant for everyday use.

What started with beanies for boys, has now expanded to patterns for all kinds of knitwear for boys and girls of all ages.

In August 2015 they published their first book ” KlompeLOMPE, knitting for baby, child and adult” and in January 2016 they published their Knitting Calendar. They are now in the process of making yet another book, with patterns for the entire family. This book will be published in August 2016.

KlompeLOMPE patterns are for personal use only, and products made by our patterns shall not be sold in stores, online shop etc.