Yarn – thin merinowool

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Lovely yarn in merinowool, produced in Norway by Sandnes Garn in KlompeLOMPEs own colors. Merinowool is a soft yarn that does not itch and the quality provides an even knit result, also without steaming.

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Kitt nr 1013, Gråbrun nr 2652, Pudderrosa nr 4032, Mørk pudderrosa nr 4344, Jeansblå nr 6033, Mørk gråblå nr 6061, Lys blåpetrol nr 6521, Blågrønn nr 6571, Blåpetrol nr 7251, Mørk Kitt nr 1020, Dus lilla nr 4331, Korngul nr 2024, Lys støvet oliven nr 9851, Beigemelert nr 2650, Mørk støvet oliven nr 9871, Dempet sort nr 5885, Mørk Rustrosa nr 4554, Dyp julerød nr 4236, Løvfall nr 2546, Rust nr 3355


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